Love getting a massages? Join the Club.

You’ll save money… and ensure that you are getting that much needed you time.


Milford Massage, Wellness and Yoga’s Massage Club works like a gym membership. On the day you sign up we will charge your credit card a discounted rate for a massage and we will bill your credit card on the same day for the length of your membership. Like a gym membership you can join for various lengths of time— the longer you commit to, and the more frequent the massage the more you save. Like a gym membership it is use it or lose it. If you choose to end your membership early there is a $50 cancellation fee and the membership is non-transferable

With this membership you are not stuck with any one type of massage. If you want a hot stone or a deep tissue massage one month, simply pay the difference between the Swedish massage and the other service and it is yours.


Monthly maintenance:
60 minute massage:  1 x per month   $60 per month and 20 percent off additional massage services
Massage Lover:
60 minute massage 1 x per week  $50 per week  (2 free massages a year)

Call 302-930-3055 for more information or to register.