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Work place stress is costly. It leads to absenteeism, burn out and injuries... but we have a solution that will increase morale, productivity and reduce injuries - Corporate chair massage.

Milford Massage, Wellness and Yoga's experienced staff will transform a space into a warm and relaxing atmosphere for your staff - provide snacks, chair massage, work with partners to provide health screenings and information, provide aromatherapy gifts for your employees - all at a cost that fits most budgets. Call 302-930-3055 to schedule or to discuss your needs and set up your event.


"We ALL loved it ! Thank you so much - you went above and beyond to make our employees feel special and appreciated."
- Heidi A McNeeley, RN, Director of Community Relations at Brandywine Senior Living

Chair massage benefits employees by:

o   Decreasing Stress

o   Boosting the Immune System

o   Improving Circulation

o   Decreasing Muscle Pain

o   Relieving Headaches

o   Improving Thinking

o   Lowering Blood Pressure

o   Enhancing Flexibility

Chair Massage Benefits Employers:

o   Increased Productivity

o   Improved Retention Rates

o   Decreased Absenteeism

o   Lessened Stress and Ergonomics Related Injuries

o   Reduced Muscle Pain

o   Lowered Stress Levels

o   Chair massage is a ‘water-cooler’ event, it allows employees to interact on a non-work basis and gives you a chance to find out how your employees are doing.