A very smelly message from the universe

Posted by Paige Oxlaj on Saturday, September 1, 2012 Under: self-development
Yesterday I wrote a blog about the path to happiness. Today, all hell opened up and rained sewage on me. I had to laugh... Actually, I did laugh. I had the "very, funny universe" laugh. And then tonight it all clicked. The universe hadn't made the sewer back flow my sink and laundry room for no reason.

The raw, smelly sewage was a message. One that I had been carefully ignoring for months. When I bought this house, I feng shui-ed it. Each room represents a different aspect of my life... And the two places that were effected by my pipe explosion - relationship/ love and prosperity - are two aspects of my life that I have categorically suppressed and ignored for the past couple months.

As I saw the "sh-t" flowing out of my kitchen sink - in the dead center of my love/relationship section. I realized it was time to make some changes. And the inch of water in my prosperity section told me I needed to evaluate very closely my views on money.

While I'm still not thrilled that the universe decided sewage and floods were the way to get my attention, I am grateful for the message - and plan to make the necessary changes to restore balance to myself and my home.

If your life isn't flowing exactly as you hope, you might consider feng shui-ing it. The book Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life helped me get clarity.

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