Finding Your Own Rhythm

Posted by Paige Oxlaj on Tuesday, September 11, 2012 Under: self-development
The drum beat played. The music echoed around me. And with my eyes closed, I felt each muscle in my body respond to the rhythm. Slowly movement erupted out of me - spontaneous, free. Every muscle contracting to the beat, moving to the rhythm.  As I swayed and twirled I became lost in the space, in sound, in time. I felt free.

I believe that trance dancing is more than just swaying to the beat... or figuring out the steps to a new dance. It's an organic, primordial movement that connects the dancer to the all the people who dance around the world. Dancing has been a part of man for as long as history has been recorded. It's been used in healing practices, rituals, and celebrations.  People have danced to find God, in search of solace, to express joy and to heal. Recently, though, dancing has fallen out of favor. People have lost their rhythm - and like so many people I talk to - feel embarrassed about dancing. 

I encourage you to lose your embarrassment and embrace movement... unstructured, choreographed movement. Let your body flow and move with no agenda. Become present in the movement and get lost in sound.  Proponent's of trance dance say that free-flowing movement allows you break destructive patterns, find new strength, creativity and stamina, and can aid in healing. 

I find it be energizing and freeing. After an hour of trance dance my mind clears, my body feels stretched and energized and I am able to easily fall asleep or embrace the day. So kick off your shoes - find some great drum beats - and dance.

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