Fear and Love in Politics

Posted by Paige Oxlaj on Saturday, September 1, 2012
"I was once asked why I don't participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I'll be there." - Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa had amazing wisdom when it came to the power of words. She knew that it is far more powerful to be in favor of something than against something.  When you attack the views or beliefs of someone else, instead of promoting your views and values you are in essence giving your adversary power.  Like any child knows, attention whether positive or negative is still attention.

I have seen so many posts on Facebook and so many political ads that attack one political party or another. This saddens me because it says to me that the people writing the ads are operating out of a place of fear, not love. When we operate out of a place of fear - we have to justify our stance, and make the opposing party or idea evil. If we operate out of a place of love we are secure in our beliefs, and we have no need to prove our rightness.

Fear clouds issues. It makes the truth murky and complicated. Love makes issues simple, understandable and approachable for all people. Even if people do not agree with the ideas, they understand and respect them. 

My hope is that politicians and their supporters will begin operating out of love. I believe that shifting the focus will allow people to make decisions based on facts, truth and clear understanding, rather than biases and fear.

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